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Network security is inevitably reliant on the security of the physical devices on which the network operates. For far too long, organizations have believed that the hardware security of these devices is only a concern when physical access cannot be controlled.

This talk will not only challenge that long-held belief, but will present on two separate real-world Red Team engagements where attacks against hardware devices were leveraged to gain access to systems controlled by the target organization and, ultimately, successful compromise of the targeted environment.

In true Red Team fashion, this talk will not focus on any single school of security but will cover network security, physical security, and hardware/device security in order to illustrate the full impact of device vulnerabilities.

Mike is also attending

4-Day Hardware Hacking, Reversing and Instrumentation

Apr 23-Apr 26, 2018

About the speaker

Mike Kelly
Mike Kelly is a Principal Consultant with Secureworks’ Red Team. With over seven years pentesting and red teaming experience, he specializes in network and physical security with a more recent focus on hardware and embedded devices. A novice researcher/builder/coder, Mike has recently authored remote exploits for access control systems and designed the Wiegotcha long range RFID reader system

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