Attacking Physical Access Control Systems Speaker: Valerie Thomas

Over the years RFID card cloning attacks have risen steadily in Red Team activity. While card cloning can be effective, entry isn’t always gained with this method alone. As Red Team members, we often focus too much on the card and not enough on the technology that supports it. Why settle for access to one door when you can have access to them all? This talk will move beyond the card and explore all of the PACS components. After an overview of the components and architecture, we’ll discuss their unique attack surfaces, and how to locate them. Finally, we’ll put all of the attacks together to achieve complete system takeover.

Valerie is also attending

2-Day Applied Physical Attacks on Embedded Systems and IoT

Apr 23-Apr 24, 2018

Valerie is also attending

2-Day Advanced Physical Attacks and Hardware Pentesting

Apr 25-Apr 26, 2018

About the speaker

Valerie Thomas
Valerie Thomas is an Executive Security Consultant for Securicon LLC that specializes in social engineering and physical penetration testing. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering, Valerie led information security assessments for the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) before joining private industry. Her unique Defense and civilian background provide her with a solid understanding of intrusion detection, data loss prevention, and endpoint (in)security. Her electronic and RFID training became a crucial element of her physical security specialization. While some focus on cyber or physical security, she has chosen to exploit the weaknesses of the combination of the two.

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